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What is the presbyopia?

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the eye to accommodate, which means to be able to focus and see clearly objects on the near area. It is supposed to be a normal aging process.

The symptoms of the presbyopia

The people older than 40-45 years old notice, that they have gradually increasing difficulties on the near area. It means they find it difficult to read newspaper, to watch their mobile phone, to look at the Menu in the restaurant etc. Typically they keep the near object more and more distanced from the eyes to be able to see it clearly and at some time their arms are too short for that. Some others have often headache, pain in the eyes or get tired quickly, after for example working in the office (where the work is mostly near the eyes, reading, writing etc).

photo of an elderly man reading a newspaper with presbyopia glasses

The treatment of the presbyopia

The easiest way to help the presbyopic patients are the glasses or the multifocal contact lenses. There are also surgical ways: using the laser (and the technique of the minimonovision) or using multifocal intraocular lenses exchanging them with the natural lens (clear lens extraction).

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