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What is the myopia?

The myopia is a refractive error of the eye, where the picture we see is not focused on the retina but IN FRONT of it. The reason is, that the eye is longer (axonal myopia) or the refractive power of the eye is too high (refractive myopia).

παράδειγμα με οφαλμό εμμετρωπικό και οφθαλμό με μυωπία

The symptoms of the myopia

The myopia patients are able to see clearly objects that are near to them but they see them blurry if they are far away of them. So they can read without problem but they cannot drive a car or watch TV without a right correction.

The treatment of the myopia

The easiest way is to take spectacles or contact lenses. However, the refractive surgery hat excellent results against the myopia. In detail, we can treat the myopia permanently with the laser (Lasik, PRK) or with special intraocular lenses (ICL).

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